Understand Your Customer

The Mission
A national cable company challenged E93 to improve the results for a previous rebate campaign focused on college students. The previous year’s campaign offered a $100 rebate and instructed the student to photocopy their student ID and mail it in to Cox along with a rebate form. That campaign generated only a 4% response.

The Answer
Understanding the customer base was comprised of young, tech-savvy students, E93 developed a personalized cross-media campaign incorporating direct mail with personal URLs and enticing incentives. A letter with a PURL was sent instructing recipients to log on to redeem their rebate. The PURL landing pages asked a few, simple, but important questions:

  • How do you watch movies?
  • What social media channels do you use?
  • Why did you choose Cox?

These questions were designed to gain a greater understanding of behaviors to enhance follow-up communications and develop a “customer for life”.

The Results
The campaign was an overwhelming success, generated a 47% response rate! Not only was the response high, it was also fast, reaching the rebate spend limit weeks earlier than scheduled. Students spent an average of only 30 seconds registering for their rebate, yet valuable data was collected to be used in future campaigns and in developing profiles for prospecting.