Smart Spending

The Mission

A software company servicing the Financial Sector asked our team to develop a marketing solution they could deliver to their customers that would exploit the valuable information collected through their innovative software solutions.

The Answer
Our team designed a multi-touch campaign, incorporating Direct Mail and Email. The campaign targeted debit card users who had used their card in POS transactions less than 5 times over a 30 day period. The target was encouraged to perform at least 9 transactions in a one month period to receive a $50 Dining Gift Certificate. Messaging was personalized with relevant information pertaining to the prospect’s interests.

The Results
The campaign generated a 17.4% response rate, had an ROI of 797%, and produced the following amazing gains over the previous months transaction rates:

  • 80% Increase in Signature Debit Transactions
  • 73% Increase in Signature Debit Purchase Volume
  • 68% Increase in Signature Interchange Revenue
  • 124% Increase in Average Signature Spend Per Card
  • 133% Increase in Average Signature Transaction Per Card

“With limited resources and budget, the turnkey marketing services were exactly what we needed. The Eighteen93 team provided all the services needed to effectively identify, design with our logo, build, manage and track these exciting results. We can’t wait to run our next one.”
– Satisfied Customer