Record Sales

The Mission
A BMW dealership wanted to reach their sales goal of 10 BMW’s sold over their Holiday Wish Event weekend promotion. The dealership is a top-performing dealership among the BMW North America group and continuously looks for unique ways to satisfy their customers.

The Answer
Eighteen93 developed a personalized cross-media campaign incorporating direct mail with personal URLs and enticing incentives to attract potential buyers. After extensive research and analysis of the surrounding marketplace, Eighteen93 generated a targeted list of individuals most likely to be interested in BMW. A card mailer with a PURL was sent instructing recipients to log on and learn more about the Holiday Wish Event offers. The PURL landing pages asked a few simple, but important questions:

  • Are you interested in a new car?
  • Do you have a car you would like to trade-in?
  • What are the specs of your car: year, make, model, mileage?

All data was collected through the PURL system and a lead sheet was sent immediately to a sales representative at the dealership. The dealer Sales Rep brought the info to the Finance Officer and in minutes was on the phone with the potential customer with a trade-in value and an invitation to the Holiday Wish Event at the dealership.

The Results
The direct mail campaign generated a 3.8% response rate (3x higher than industry average). The Sales Reps spoke with over 250 potential buyers and sold 40 new BMW’s over a three day weekend. Total gross sales was over $1.5 million dollars.