The Power of Direct Mail in Increasing Brand Awareness

There are so many things you can do to increase brand awareness for your business, but direct mail is one of the best.

In our last couple of blogs, we’ve focused a lot on brand awareness. We talked about why brand awareness is so important for every business, as well as how to use your direct mail marketing campaign to increase brand awareness. But, with so many other avenues to increase brand recognition, why would you use direct mail marketing to do so? Here are a few reasons as the why direct mail is such a powerful platform for increasing brand awareness.

#1. There are very few distractions with direct mail.
When you try to improve your brand recognition through other methods, such as social media or email marketing, your readers have a lot of other distractions around them. From videos and posts in their social media feed to an inbox chock-full of email, not to mention any other programs they may have open on their computer or phone at the time, there are a lot of distractions with most other marketing platforms. Direct mail, on the other hand, provides a much more intimate experience, and without any links to click or emails to check, your readers are more likely to give it their undivided attention. Even if they end up throwing the mailer in the trash, for at least a few minutes, your mailer was the center of attention.

#2. Direct mail helps to establish an emotional connection.
The internet has made a lot of things about marketing easier and more convenient for both consumers and marketers alike. But, even with the convenience and ease of digital marketing, most consumers would still prefer a combination of direct mail and digital marketing. Since direct mail is tangible, it provides a sensory experience for your readers, and that helps to establish an emotional connection. That kind of connection is so much more powerful than the typical connection established through marketing efforts, and it will help to build trust and recognition in your brand.

#3. Direct mail is easier for our brains to process.
Believe it or not, there’s actually a scientific reason as to why direct mail is more impactful than digital marketing, even in the digital age. One study used eye-tracking and brain imaging technology to get a glimpse into what happens in people’s brains when they interact with direct mail and digital advertisements. It turns out that direct mail is actually easier for our brains to process, and it’s more memorable. When compared to digital advertisements, it takes 21% less thought to understand and process direct mail, and it creates a significantly higher brand recall. Our brains can also digest direct mail faster, and it has a motivation response of 20 percent higher than its digital counterparts, which increases even more if you are able to target other senses besides sight and touch, like hearing and smell, in your direct mail pieces. Because of the way that our brains process direct mail, as well as how much better we are able to remember it, it’s one of the most effective options when you want to increase brand awareness.

If you take a few minutes to research how to increase brand awareness, you’ll be inundated with advice, tips and methods, and while there are a lot of effective ways to reach your goal, you shouldn’t overlook the power of that direct mail. However, it’s also important to note that not all direct mail campaigns are made equal, and there are lots of things you can do to make yours more impactful, starting with your direct mail envelopes themselves. Let us help you take your direct mail envelopes to the next level. Contact us today for your free product quote!